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Sportsman’s Club meeting at Friends

February 22, 2011

Friend’s have graciously made their building available to a sister service organization in the Village, the Paint Lick Sportsman’s Club. Until warmer weather permits the club’s monthly meetings to meet at the shelter on the creek bank, the meetings are being held at Friends.

The February 15th meeting included election of new officers for 2011 and tentative plans for the annual Fish Fry earlier in the year. We look forward to partnering with them in all the festivals of  year, beginning with the annual yard sale. The officers are-

John Paul Todd, President; Chester Satterfield, Vice President; Loretta Adams, Secretary; and Deborah Messenger, Treasurer.

Board members-at-large are Jean Smithand Patti Aldridge.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th, at 6:30. Visitors and prospective members are welcome.

PLSC Application Flyer(pdf)


Our First Visitors

September 19, 2009

From A Blog about Painting

Lightening licking by Blissbait
Lightning lickers by Blissbait

During our first week of blogging, we have had a number of visitors. Most have been from the Richmond-Berea-Lancaster area, but some have been from the larger cyber space and we don’t really know where they are. But one of our visitors left a comment which allowed us in turn to check out his blog which features his artwork.

But all are most welcome here!
The best day was in the beginning with 60 hits. Linda laughed and said it was probably due to the multiple times of showing others at Friends who don’t have computers what we’ve “gone and done”. There is an average of 25 per day and that will probably increase as we get more posts up with multiple themes that folks are interested in. Those who have articles to contribute please let us know. The more friends that you tell about the site and recommend as a bookmark, the more it will help us to develop a site we can all be proud of as we tell the world about our Village of Paint Lick and its people.
And , “if you wouldn’t care to ” leave a comment on any of the posts, it will let us know you stopped by for a visit and give us an idea of who is following the blog. Of course if you want to start a “conversation” with your comment, feel free to express yourself. We only ask for you to remember what blog you’re on- FRIENDS- and be civil and polite to all. 

It takes a Village

September 16, 2009
Our Village is a beautiful mosaic

Our Village is a beautiful mosaic


The Village of Paint Lick is made up of all kinds of diverse and talented folks. And the Friends of Paint Lick reflects this diverse contribution in just about everything that gets done around here. It is like the mosaic of an artist that depends on each individual contribution to the design that is literally taking shape before his eyes. Piece by piece it goes together to form a work of art and beauty.

A lot of diverse pieces come together in the work that makes our village of Paint Lick what it is becoming and that certainly includes the precious pieces that have now moved on to the heavenly village. Likewise a number of folks-all volunteers, are working together to contribute to a dream, a pattern, or design, that makes Friends of Paint Link, Inc., what it is today. Most of these “pieces” and their contribution go all but unnamed and that’s just the way they like it. But on this topic, one of the things we desire to do is mention as many as we can in addition to the members of the Board of Directors, that hold us accountable to our charitable charter, and those that regularly staff the weekly routine at the building. 

For starters why not mention a man that has helped behind the scenes in a number of ways and is always there when you need him. Bob Baker, who lives in the area (40461 zip), took on several projects when we were remodeling our building including building the book shelves in the library (a future post). Bob also helps us with the computers from time to time. He is one of those diverse individual pieces that has contributed to the whole and we are very grateful. Even now he is plugging the new blog over on his Landscaping business– B&B Landscape and Designs.

There are many others like Bob, and without seeming to “plug” any local businesses, we hope it won’t be out of line to mention them by name on this blog. If you will go to the link at B&B, you’ll see Friends listed under “Favorite links” as well as some of our Paint Lick neighbors. And if you think your piece is not needed and wanted in making our Village strong and vibrant for the new millenium, think again. The rest of us need you and your contribution.