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It’s in our hands

April 10, 2010

Friends is lending hands 2010 census

Friends is partnering with the Census workers in hopes of doing what we can to have a successful 2010 census of our own Paint Lick area. So far it has served a number of folks who wanted to ask questions and get additional information. We have been surprised at how many seemed to have been missed in the first mailings of census forms.

FOPL building has been a Census Questionaire Center since March 19. John Garn, a Census representative, has been available each day the building is open (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Dozens of individuals have been helped by providing forms and answering questions. John will be here until April 19. Later he will serve as an Enumerator – to visit those addresses that haven’t responded. Though many are hesitant about the visit, they will only be asked how many persons were residing there on April 1.

Meet our own census guy


Grassroots Reform

September 14, 2009
While the nation’s lawmakers continue in their highly partisan debates over much needed reforms such as healthcare, brave-hearts down here on the grassroots of America are quietly going about their efforts to care for those suffering the most in the economic downturn. Did you know that Paint Lick has its own Food Bank? Do you know where to send folks who are needing help with this necessity of life? Joe Brown who serves on the Board of Directors for Friends of Paint Lick as Treasurer, also works with the ANGEL FOOD BANK ministry in Paint Lick. Joe partcipates in several regional events such as

Bera College Bowls Event-Photographs courtesy of CELTS
Bera College Bowls Event-Photographs courtesy of CELTS

 “Empty Bowls” project that enjoys contributions from the larger Madison County area as well as those welcome donations from the Paint Lick area.

Empty Bowl Event at Berea College-
Students, faculty, and staff from a multitude of campus departments gathered to enjoy a variety of soups made by Berea students, as well as three inspiring musical performances. With a donation of ten dollars, students selected their own locally crafted ceramic bowl and dined from an assortment of homemade soups. Most of the bowls were crafted by students in the Ceramic Apprenticeship Program at the college.

Musical performers included Breon Thomas, Sam Rosalina and Joshua Slaton, Mark “Dice City” Butler and Marcus “O-BliQ” Leslie. Speakers were food bank representatives Diana Messer of Crab Orchard Resource Center, Joe Brown of ANGEL Food Bank, and Jerry Workman of Berea Community Food Bank. The representatives discussed the history and initiative of Berea’s Empty Bowls Project, which began in 2004. Raffle prizes were distributed after the speakers and performers, as well as prizes for the student chefs of exceptional soup medleys. (READ MORE )(from “Feast of Empty Bowls”)

Friends of Paint Lick partners with Angel Food Bank and many other individuals and projects to promote friends-caring-for-friends in our own community. In doing what we can we join countless others in almost every grass roots part of America continuing the proud tradition of our parents and grand-parents. Once again we say “thank you Dean” for being the spark that showed us how our generation could “keep the wheel rolling”.