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Celebrating Christmas early

December 3, 2010

Tomorrow is Christmas In The Village at Paint Lick

There are still lots of Raffle tickets available. The raffle along with all the gifts for the children, is a BIG part of tomorrows festivities. The Raffle prizes were on display earlier at the Oktober Fest. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have some great items that will be given away. The proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets goes into the general operating fund here at Friends, which helps us all year.

Let me just add a note about one of the most recent prizes that was added this year thanks to the members of The Paint Lick Sportsman’s Club.

A one year membership will be raffled tomorrow which represents a valuable gift not only in monetary terms, but in terms of affording the winner the opportunity to be a part of the 2011 activities of one of the few Paint Lick social clubs dedicated to the whole community. Do yourself (and us) a favor and put some of your raffle tickets into this. Be sure to see previous posts for time and info about tomorrow.



Cemetery Preservation Committee

March 2, 2010

A few years ago, some of us at Friends became aware of the urgent need to preserve some of the family cemeteries in the Paint Lick vicinity. One cemetery especially generated a lot of interest from direct relatives living in distant places which pledged financial support. At the same time we became aware of a State of Kentucky grant to help in approved projects to protect and preserve these historical treasures.

Patterson cemetery in 1982

The Paint Lick Family Cemetery Preservation Committee of the Friend’s of Paint Lick, Inc., was formed and the Patterson Cemetery off of Frog Branch Road was chosen as the pilot project. Before we could apply for the grant, it was first necessary to get the Garrard County to form a county wide Committee that would then have to approve our project. To make a long story short, the grant was indeed awarded and we were able to finish the project. Thanks are registered here especially for those that sent in donations for the matching grant and the committee  members that donated their time and labor to make this a reality. We hope to post some update news and photos in the future.

For now a short excerpt from a story I wrote: “A Tale of Three Cemeteries” –

“There is something very special about these old family plots and the lives that came to their earthly end there. God has often blessed our lives with their memories and the heritage He has passed on to us through each one. It is not only a joy to thankfully honor their memory when we have opportunity, but it gives us a perspective reaching back generations and reminds us that we are all standing on the shoulders of some pretty remarkable people.  In these three cemeteries there are among others, a few Virginian families represented that contributed to our lives and the Paint Lick community- Blackburns, Boatwrights, Mitchells, and Pattersons.”
Rev.John Paul Todd is a member of the Paint Lick Family Cemetery Preservation Committee of the Friend’s of Paint Lick. He may be contacted at This article first appeared in Paint Lick Reflections. Complete article here.

More on Patterson Cemetery from Lydon Irwin’s geneology page.

How to do disaster relief.

February 5, 2010

Don’t Just Follow Your Heart!

The ongoing situation of the disaster in Haiti is teaching us all some valuable lessons. One very clear lesson is the importance of sending relief through the professionals- those that are not only trained and have vast experience in disasters of this proportion, but are already firmly established in a network of government and NGO’s that insures a degree of co-ordination, order, and respect for local government officials and policies.

Friends of Paint Lick seeks to see its local efforts in relation to a number of other local and international agencies. The Haiti situation allows us the opportunity to comment on the way we try to go about our mission. First, we are all seeing the example that with the best of intentions and motivated by a heart of compassion, efforts to do good in this situation has in fact done more harm than good. Rather than dwell on that, which we certainly could do in an informed manner, we want to introduce the work of one of the well known agencies that responded almost immediately- The Salvation Army. 


THE Salvation Army in Haiti has now distributed more than a million meals in its response to the earthquake. The most recent distribution alone saw more than half a million meals given out in four hours. The organisation continues to work alongside other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and agencies, and it has now formed a good working relationship with the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. (To Read more)

At Friends of Paint Lick this week, we received a large shipment of clothes from one of our occasional benefactors. The clothes were in excellent condition and after sorting through, the workers realized that the surplus was more than they had room to store. A mixed selection of summer and fall was boxed and delivered to the Salvation Army in Richmond. With this kind of network we feel that we can maximize our efforts for the Paint Lick community. “Community” really does matter!

See Salvation Army’s official responsibility in Haiti for 20,000.

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Celebrate Life in 2010

January 3, 2010

Join Friends of Paint Lick and Donate Blood!

 Garrard County Community Blood Drive at Lancaster Christian Church – in the Fellowship Hall on: Tuesday, 1/05 from 2 – 7 pm – the volunteers of FOPL support the Kentucky Blood Center.

For questions about the KBC or about donating blood ckeck out their web site here.

Not too early to think about Christmas in the Village

November 14, 2009

Saturday, December 5, will include story time with Katie Rollins at the FOPL building along with crafts for the children with Delta Lamb and her helpers.  The children pick up a stuffed animal or toy from under our beautiful tree decorated by Rickie Collett and others.  The volume rises when it’s announced that Santa is crossing the bridge and entering the village on the fire engine. What fun   All children disappear into the fire station for more gifts, candy and a visit and maybe a picture with Santa   It’s all about the kids. For adults there  may be some music and a few booths – that depends on the weather.

Stihl chain saw donated by Ace Hardware

donated by Ace hardware

RAFFLE: Then at the end of the day, usually after 2:00, the drawing for the raffle items held at the FOPL building.  Do you have your tickets??  Buy them at the bank ($2 each or 6 for $5) or at FOPL.  Raffle items are on display at FOPL, but pictures can be seen at the bank or here on line or on the Friends facebook page.  The bank has the raffle ticket containers so make your choices and get those tickets in the can.  Be sure to get plenty of tickets, all proceeds go to Friends of Paint Lick.  This is a great way to get a wonderful gift for someone if not yourself. (5 of 10 items shown)

antique bent wood rocker with pictures and throw donated by Ellen Hagan and Louise Denny

antique bent-wood rocker

Cats basket - leopard print items lamps, boxes, etc

wood Amish clock - donated by Promenade Gallery Berea

donated by Promenade Gallery

Lady's Spa basket - gift certificate and items to pamper

Gift certificate included- ten visits of  pampering