Paint Lick Reflections – Published by Rita Fox in the years 2002 to 2006, Rita was able to gather from near and far a part of the amazing story and history of Paint Lick. The magazine is no longer published and many of the volumes have been sold out. It is our hope that much of the work that has been done can be archived on-line adding to what is already out there in cyber space. Rita also serves on the Board of Directors of Friends of Paint Lick. Rita has also published several books about Garrard County that you can sample at or better yet, purchase on her web-site.

We do have a complete set of Paint Lick Reflections in the Friends Library.

Lyndon Irwin’s Geneology Page – A number of folks doing geneology have taken an interest in Paint Lick which has a rich history of supplying pioneer families to such places as Missiouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. There is a working geneology group that meets at Friends of Paint Lick and Lyndon is always ready to share her Paint Lick connections. A few of the Paint Lick related families such as the Pattersons are listed on her page as well as a collection of pictures.

Paint Lick Sportsmans Club – Longtime landmark of Paint Lick, the building fell into decline of years until revitalized by the organization and effort of a lot of help from new blood that has come into the community. With a grant that allowed needed improvements to be made, the club is once again a vital part of our socializing.

Berea College Friends of Paint Lick has had the help of many different college and university groups since its beginning, but the resources at Berea College continue to play a vital support role for a number of us. There simply are countless ways in which we can partner with BC now and for future projects in our Paint Lick community. In the past Dean Cornett showed her passion for education by bringing extension classes of EKU to Paint Lick. Perhaps we can do that again.

Project Dateline (Temporary) Added to make a point in case everyone is not familiar with the way “blogs” work. When you see a heading either in blue or red, that means it is a “hot-link” and by putting your mouse on it and clicking it will take you to the article “linked”. In this case, an article written in 2006 which has 8 very special photos that go with the article; be sure to see them- one of them is of the” Sweet Peas Diner”-now gone.

Take a virtual tour of the Village  thanks to the technology of Google maps. The first view will be of the bridge as you leave the village- so you will have to navigate it 360 degrees and proceed down Richmond road til you come to the end in front of what used to be “Sweet Peas” dinner.

2 Responses to “Resources”

  1. Loraine Says:

    We’ve had at least one response that alerted us to how “RESOURCES” can be read in a manner different from that intended on the blog. We don’t mean to offer actual “monetary” resources here. For example, Friends of Paint Lick itself does not have a fund designated for “emergency” relief. We participate in a larger community effort in partnership with First Southern National Bank, Paint Lick branch, which does have such an emergency fund and administers it at the Bank during regular business hours.

    The resources noted here are intended to be those that help tell the story and promote the services of FOPL centered in the actual building and the activities that we seek to engage in to help folks in some very important ways. We will try to feature those with future posts. Please accept our apologies for the lack of clarity.

  2. kimberly A. Overstreet Says:

    Hello my name is Kimberly Ann Tribble/Casey/Overstreet. I am African American. My Grandfather Franklin Pierce Tribble was born in Paint Lick in 1893. I have tried to research any info. regarding my Grandfather but have come across nothing. I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. My email address is Thank you.

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