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Crunch time near for Paint Lick

February 11, 2011

Highway 52 expansion hitting home

We weren’t sure how long it would take-maybe another 5-10 years. We knew eventually the proposed extension of KY 52 from Lancaster to I-75 would eventually mean some changes for our village. It was possible, we reasoned, with the State and Federal budgets crunch that it could be delayed indefinitely.

A.O. Calico gets the bad news: he will lose his home.

Now we know that it is much closer than we realized. Our village has 2-3 years to embrace the changes and do all we can to insure a positive transition into the future with all its possibilities and opportunities. But it will mean some painful emotions for many and not just the old timers.

The realization that progress soon will sweep away personal history was stark for A.O. Calico, a retired farmer who used to work at the Tobacco Warehouse. Calico was largely silent as his neighbor, Jeff Hume, showed him on a map how the right-of-way for the new highway cuts through the middle of his home, where he has lived for the past 40-plus years. Calico previously believed the road would cut close to his home but not so close that he would have to move.
“It makes me kind of half sick,” Calico said quietly, then remained in front of the map, looking for a while.
Hume, who lives across the street from Calico, said the swath of land that will be purchased by the government for the new road barely missed his own property.
“It’s coming right up on my back door,” he said.
Hume said while it’s an unappetizing process right now, he would rather see it be done than not at this point. Semi-trucks travel Paint Lick’s tiny highway all the time, expecting the entire stretch to be as wide and flat as the western portion near Lancaster.

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Have you seen the new courthouse recently?

October 22, 2010

Update on October 20th

Judge John Wilson wants to take us on a tour of the construction via this slide show.

Front view of new courthouse

Click here to go to the slide show.

To see where this will be and what it will look like-see the video

Who says we’re not ‘leaning forward’ in Garrard County?

They came, they worked, they left

March 10, 2010

Spring Break at Friends.

2010 Spring-Break Volunteers

Tuesday morning, March 9, around 9:00 a.m. , a van driven by Erica Maynard (group leader) and directed by GPS, brought a group of university volunteers into the village of Paint Lick.  The GPS led them to the service station.  Loraine Todd, volunteer, along with Bethany and Bob Keith (our computer lab consultant) stepped out onto the porch of the FOPL building.  We were joking that if they were lost, we could not help since we do not have cell phone service in town;  Bethany looked to the left and saw the van.

Once inside, the group of students from EKU, NKU, and WKU received an orientation and a little bit of history about  Friends.  After listening to the jobs that had been planned, they got themselves into work groups and the morning was off to a start full of laughter.

Two, Alex Bowen (WKU) and Matthew Kilgore (EKU), went outside into the lovely sun with knives and something to kneel on and got busy cleaning out the flower bed along the NE side of the building.  Matthew, a botanist, carefully checked out all of the plants and weeds.  When they were finished, they scattered flower seed.  Later this spring and summer, we will really enjoy the fruit of their labor!

All of the others trooped upstairs to work.  Radsamy Chantharmg (WKU), a student from Thailand, went to work cleaning and reorganizing the children’s art/play room off the library.  She hung pictures; she dusted; she sorted; she made it look great!   In the library, Karlos Hurbor (WKU) dusted and reshelved/boxed some books.  Then, he vaccumed the carpet.  Karlos and Radsamy also dusted and rearranged the top shelf which displays antiques, art and a collection of stuffed animals.

Chantel Leger and Bethany Keith (both EKU) got right down to the business of organizing all of our various holiday decorations and costumes, etc.  They not only totally revamped the big closet, they stored everything in marked boxes.  Bethany even printed out  a color coded chart in the computer lab which she posted on the closet door; the chart shows where everything is located!  A challenge to us volunteers to stay organized!

The largest group worked in our classroom sorting, organizing and storing the many items for Layette of Love.  L of L is a new community service begun in 2009, the brain child of volunteer Loretta Adams.  Loretta works in the Garrard County Extension Office and is involved in many family service/community education projects  The L of L is supported jointly by the Extension Office and FOPL.  Various churches and individuals of the community donate new and gently used infant clothing, blankets  and all kinds of baby things.  Mothers-to-be and new mothers can register to receive a gift bag shortly before or after the baby arrives.

The large tables in the classroom were overflowing with plastic storage tubs, stacks of clothing sorted by gender and size, blankets, toys, crib items, bottles, and more.  Kalli Hill (WKU), Erica Maynard (EKU), Jenny Ferguson (NKU) along with Jake Thomas  (NKU) and Bob Keith  (EKU) dove right in.  There was a friendly disagreement a time or two on whether an item was for a boy or a girl.  There much more laughter and chatter.  Quickly they were sorted and stored in the labeled tubs and put on our new shelving in the storage room.

While the students were working, the FOPL building was open and busy with people coming in and out, bringing donations and taking items they needed.  The volunteers there had an eye on the clock though and by 11:45 had the library table loaded with lunch.  The students were served and all enjoyed the space and comfort as they ate and rested.  The volunteers took turns chatting and answering questions about FOPL and our little village of Paint Lick.

The students had to get on the road to their afternoon place of service, so we thanked them again and sent them on their way with a prayer and desire to have a safe week as they travel throughout the area serving in many communities from Corbin to Louisville. Thank you Baptist Campus Ministries for partnering with us at Friends of Paint Lick.

This group follows a wonderful tradition of student volunteerism at Friends of Paint Lick.  From the beginning, individuals have been drawn to and inspired by the work that Dean Cornett was doing in this small spot on the map.  Still more were attracted after seeing the media coverage when Dean received recognition as a Point of Light in 1991. Schools such as Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, and the Lexington Theological Seminary have been the places that students have returned to after being challenged by the dream realized. Maybe some of these former helpers will see the fan page @ FACEBOOK or our blog and let us know where they are now. We’d love to hear from them.

Thawing out in Paint Lick

February 18, 2010

O.K. So it's not a Wildcat!

Like everyone else in the country, we have been having a record winter (snow and low temps). Monday night the ladies were at Friends but the GED classes and the final testing for census workers was cancelled.  

The census folks are really excited about the support of Friends of Paint Lick and plan to use the building as an alternate location for some to come to and fill out the form avoiding a house-call.We took advantage of the cold week-end and made some improvements on our computer lab. Bob Keith, a friend in the CSC program at EKU donated his time to give our computers a check-up, install virus protection, and set up an administrator account with pass-word protection. He also put a password on our wireless option. Loraine Todd is serving as the lab co-ordinator for now and is hoping that FOPL will be able to serve others who may not have 1) a broadband connection to the internet, or 2) may not be able to afford some of the expensive programs such as photoshop, geneology programs, etc. All of these and more can be used in partnership with some of our other efforts such as the writers group that meets at Friends.

A big thanks to all those who made the original grants possible, made the purchases, and have contributed time and effort. As in everything else at Friends, we are here to serve the community.

GED classes again offered at FOPL!

November 10, 2009

Jeanette Aldridge and Staci Lehman, certified instructors, began holding GED classes at the Friends of Paint Lick building Monday, November 9. Four students were being tested in our upstairs classroom and another was receiving instruction in Math across the hall in the library.

This is wonderful. We are so thrilled to have classes once again in the building as this is “keeping the dream alive” of our founder, Dean Cornett, and the main reason that she received the Thousand Points of Light award from President Bush, Sr. as we mentioned in an earlier post. GEDstudenttestingJeanetteAldridge

Both Jeanette and Staci have many years of experience in the classroom. They are backed by Kentucky Adult Education and are from the Adult Learning Center in Lancaster where classes are held regularly. Jeanette taught GED classes for many years here in Paint Lick and is glad to be back. Having classes in this part of the county make them more readily available to students such as Louise seen with Staci and her daughters who came to enjoy the library as well.


Help us get the word out that new students can be enrolled at any time. All instruction is individual and unlike some other locations, there is instruction as well as tutoring.


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