Our location

Area map  Paint Lick community straddles the creek from which we get our name and separates the counties of Madison and Garrard. (this map from Mapquest is a little off- KYHyw 21 from Berea where it intersects 52 is too far north.The star is right on the money for all you GPS users.)

We have our own post office-for now, ZIP 40461. This area of Kentucky has been referred to as ” the land where the Bluegrass meets the mountains”, I guess that’s more fitting for our neighbor to the east, Berea. Our mountains are called “knobs”. Our zip actually has three routes between Richmond, Berea, and Lancaster.

Paint Lick Oct Fest 2011


2 Responses to “Our location”

  1. linda caldwell Says:

    Great job! I am impressed with your talents. Thanks, linda

  2. e4unity Says:

    Thanks Linda-
    We are going to rely on your eagle-eye to catch our mispellings and all and appreciate all the literary suggestions you may want to throw in.

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