Our authors

Linda Caldwellis a gifted writer and published author and a regular volunteer at Friends of Paint Lick. She also serves as Secretary for the Board of Directors.

Katie Rollinsis a sterling example of what Friends of Paint is all about and a very good writer. She writes a news of Paint Lick article for the Garrard Record and also for the Richmond Register. Katie is one of the main volunteers here at Friends of Paint Lick and more than anyone else, seems to know what’s going on in the community. Follow the link to her name to an August article for the Register.

Loretta Adamsis on staff at the Garrard County Extension office in Lancaster. She is program assistant for the Family Development & Management project and is at Friends of Paint Lick on Fridays.

Loraine Todd– is a regular volunteer at Friends on Tuesdays. She is a retired professor of EKU where she taught in the ESOL propgram called EELI. She is a life-long educator loving reading and writing. She has been a pastor’s wife and a missionary. One of poems written in Brazil was published, Send Them Away.


4 Responses to “Our authors”

  1. Darlene Says:

    I like to think Kirksville and Paint Lick are extensions of each other. I like your website and I think the writers will all do a great job.

  2. e4unity Says:

    Your comment is greatly appreciated,Darlene, especially since you are such an accomplished writer yourself. Darlene is the author of a book published just this month on the history of Kirksville Baptist Church. She also has a blog for the GHS class of ’73.


    I love anything I can read or learn about Paint Lick and I feel a close connection since my grandparents were from there. My grandmother (Nannie) grew up in Paint Lick, she was Annie Lee Hurt and my grandfather (Padaddy) lived close by the Garrard/Madison line in Berea. His name was Calvin M. Hulett. Nannie and Padaddy’s sister and brother married each other and lived in Paint Lick until they passed away, both in their 90’s. (Padaddy lived to be 98.) They were Ed and Minnie Hurt Hulette. Notice the last name is spelled different than our branch of the family. We always wondered which spelling was correct and learned several years ago that neither of them were! The ancestors who are buried in a small family plot near Berea spelled it Hughlett. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Nancy Henderson Criss Says:

      Shirley, I didn’t know this. I knew them well, & my Daddy talked about them alot.

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