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5 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Linda Caldwell Says:

    Just a note to praise the volunteers who have been helping with the clean up of Friends of Paint Lick after the “hundred year flood of 2010.” Debbie Parker and Loraine Todd have outdone themselves. John Todd has been no slouch on the job either. Others have pitched in admirably as well – Loretta Adams and the Garrard County Extension Office provided and brought lunch to all the workers in downtown Paint Lick. Friends was very fortunate. We have minimal damage compared to what was suffered by FSNB, the Paint Lick Family Clinic, Paint Lick P. O., Copperhead Consulting, The Sportsmans’ Club. We have all been working separately and together. Other volunteers during the last two days are Katie Rollins, Janet Perry, Bertha McQuerry, Jeannette Todd, Giles Carpenter, Janice Day, Dora Bowles. If I have forgotten someone please forgive me. Thanks everyone.

  2. Linda Caldwell Says:

    PS I would be remiss if I did not mention Sara Thomas Cornett Mason and Kent Mason, Linda Starnes Cox. They were invaluable yesterday in helping us access and dispose.

    Also Don Weber’s chair shop suffered severe damage, and he lost many precious volumes from his bookshelves accumulated over 40 years.

  3. Janet Daley Says:

    I was trying to find information on my family who had settled in the 1800’s and maybe earlly in Paint lick they owned a lot of land there at one time I was wondering if there was any thing any one could tell me about them? and also I’ve been trying to find the family grave yard where they were burried. If any one could help me I would really be gratfull.

    The people I’m Looking for are Edmund Daley married to Myriah Ford and later to Elizabeth Kidd also am looking for the Stone family Smith Thomas Stone, Spincer Stone, Lula Belle Stone was my G-Grandmother she Was married to Cyrus Sims Daley.

    • Toddy2 Says:

      It would be better to post your query on the Facebook Page of PaintLickFriends. It has over 130 followers and is much more interactive. If you are not on Facebook let us know-maybe we could post it for you.

  4. Sonja Gillen Says:

    Hello there in Paint Lick, Ky. Today is April 14th, 2011. I visited Paint
    Lick on the 2nd and 3rd of April, 2011. Of course enjoyed Garrard county
    as I always have.
    Want to share something with you. I attended a public appearance at the
    Capstone series at Hanover College(Hanover, Indiana). at the end of the
    month of March. At this end event of the series, Julie Chavez Rodriguez
    spoke about her grandfather, Cesar and of the roll of the Department of
    the Interior in the thrust of the Capstone series, water and food sources.
    There is a web site of the Dept. of the Interior, www. that
    Ms. Rodriguez, as the director of the “youth as resources” (I paraphrase)
    part of the Dept. of the Interior. Again, The type
    of jobs available are out of doors type of employment, conservation,
    parks, etc. etc. Again,, check it out for the youth
    of Garrard county.
    Sincere Best, Sonja Gillen

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