Friends of Paint Lick is just what it says: we are true friends of our very special community and we are all about speaking and serving everyone in love.

We have a very special place in our hearts for a very special lady that touched many lives- the founder and spirit of Friends of Paint Lick, Harold Dean Sarah Virginia Quinn Cornett. And this blog will be dedicated to her sweet memory by doing the things she taught and modeled and blogging about the Paint Lick community.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. e4unity Says:

    In 1991 the restaurant was known as Uncle Tom’s grocery and restaurant. Later, under new management, it was called Sweet Peas restaurant. Katie Rollins, one of the main-stays here at Friends and contributing author shares what Dean Cornett meant to her in this 1991 article from the New York Times.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Wonderful! I love Paint Lick and I love this blog! I think a great idea would be to have a topic for posting memories of Grandma Dean or some of her sayings. Of course we are all inspired by her famous Press on Regardless. How about letting folks share some other sayings that they enjoyed? I’m sure there are many. Whether they be funny, kind, encouraging or enlightening.

    Oh, yes. One edit to this page. In her name don’t forget the “Quinn” which was her maiden name. So the full name is Harold Dean Sarah Virginia Quinn Cornett!

  3. e4unity Says:

    Thanks Kristin-

    We hope to make this a joint effort and we’ll rely on you and others to keep us to the highest standard. Your idea of a post folks could add favorite memories to is great. Why don’t you start it off and write a word.doc that you want posted and send it to Loraine and we will get it up. If you have any digital pics of Dean that we can use send those too.

    In just the first day we were able to find links to a number of articles containing information about Dean. I’m not sure everyone understands all the links that are here-usually high-lighted in blue.

  4. Mark David Hurte Says:

    Thanks so much for keeping Paint Lick in the mainstay of today’s fast paced culture. We too often forget where our roots cling tight to the soil that nutured the persons we are today. Leaves my wither in the wind but the roots of the soul run deep and ford strong to where they were planted.

    My father, Clifford “Buzz” Hurte grew up in the little village of Paint Lick. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of me standing beside him and his brother, William “Dud” Hurte, as they told another embellished “tale” about their days running the path between the homeplace and “up town”. Who could ever know what went on before they got “up town” or in between. I miss them both.

    I have traveled the world and I will always consider Paint Lick to be my home. Thanks again for keeping the voices vibrant & clear of those that once painted the portrait of the simple life who have gone on to another village with their passing.

    Sincerely and with warmest heartfelt thanks,

    Mark “Little Buzz” Hurte

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