Have you seen the new courthouse recently?

Update on October 20th

Judge John Wilson wants to take us on a tour of the construction via this slide show.

Front view of new courthouse

Click here to go to the slide show.

To see where this will be and what it will look like-see the video

Who says we’re not ‘leaning forward’ in Garrard County?


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2 Responses to “Have you seen the new courthouse recently?”

  1. John Paul Todd Says:

    Thanks to Karla for these photos.

    ” Touring the Garrard County Judicial Center with Judge Executive John Wilson Oct. 20, 2010, one year to the day of starting to work on the building project. Very impressive to see what has been done in one year and there are approximately six months remaining until it’s completed. Please feel free to share, download and/or print pictures. Photographer: Karla Sefcak”.

  2. Loraine Todd Says:

    Representatives from the Nurses Registry will be at the FOPL building with some great information. They may have some raffle items. We have been benefiting from their visits – diabetes, flu, more. Drop in during the morning on the first Thursday of each month; they have wonderful information on how to access a lot of needed services.

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