Springtime in the knobs

 In the springtime, they can be breath-taking!

Halcomb Knob

  A short distance from Paint Lick are some foothills affectionately known as “the knobs”. For anyone raised in this area, they kind of make the place special like the “Pinnacles” south of Berea.    

 This is the hill where Katie (Rollins)spends her time. It is appropriately named Halcomb’s Knob and is located off Old Wallacetown Road in Paint Lick. Most mornings, the view totally escapes any description. Katie is caregiver for an elderly, yet very spry and genteel lady, Esther, who says she’s “like the purple woman in the Bible”.



The flowers you see are among the many that dot the knob along with a natural animal habitat and forestry so tall one can not imagine the depth. The mayapple is Katie’s very favorite although the spring beauties come in as a close second. The wild geraniums and wild creeping phlox are a wonder!  

  If you take a notion to see something so magnificent, it will take your breath away…. then contact Katie here at Friends….     






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