Thawing out in Paint Lick

O.K. So it's not a Wildcat!

Like everyone else in the country, we have been having a record winter (snow and low temps). Monday night the ladies were at Friends but the GED classes and the final testing for census workers was cancelled.  

The census folks are really excited about the support of Friends of Paint Lick and plan to use the building as an alternate location for some to come to and fill out the form avoiding a house-call.We took advantage of the cold week-end and made some improvements on our computer lab. Bob Keith, a friend in the CSC program at EKU donated his time to give our computers a check-up, install virus protection, and set up an administrator account with pass-word protection. He also put a password on our wireless option. Loraine Todd is serving as the lab co-ordinator for now and is hoping that FOPL will be able to serve others who may not have 1) a broadband connection to the internet, or 2) may not be able to afford some of the expensive programs such as photoshop, geneology programs, etc. All of these and more can be used in partnership with some of our other efforts such as the writers group that meets at Friends.

A big thanks to all those who made the original grants possible, made the purchases, and have contributed time and effort. As in everything else at Friends, we are here to serve the community.


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One Response to “Thawing out in Paint Lick”

  1. Rita Fox Says:

    While I can’t commit to being a census worker, I am always excited when it’s time to do the census. As a genealogist, I’ve loved to learn about my ancestors and to see them entered on old ledger sheets in the city or on their farms.

    Of course, the census is much more than a record that we were here at a point in time. The results will be used to determine where federal and state funding will go. It’s also used to draw legislative and congressional representative territories. So, it’s really important that we ALL are counted!

    Thanks, Friends of Paint Lick volunteers, for help to make sure we’re all accounted for!

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