Garrard County 2010

Filled with Hope For the New Year.

Time for one more post this year from all of us at Friends of Paint Lick. Though we straddle two counties on the banks of Paint Lick Creek, the village of Paint Lick officially turns to the courthouse in Lancaster for all legal matters. We’re thankful for Garrard County and are filled with hope for better things to come in 2010. My father would have been 100 in 2010 if he had lived five more years, so you can be sure it will be a special year of celebration for my family.  

So happy New Year to all our friends wherever you are- to Linda in Missouri with Dee. Thank you especially to all who donated items to Friends of Paint Lick and partnered with the volunteers to serve many grateful neighbors and their families in 2009. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year, you’re welcome at any time in Paint Lick, Garrard County Kentucky.



One Response to “Garrard County 2010”

  1. e4unity Says:

    Did I mention that in 2010 we hope that construction will begin on our beautiful new courthouse? Watch the video and see why we are excited!

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