What is this thing called a Blog?

The more you know, the more you can help.

There are interested folks that are visiting our Friends of Paint Lick blog and we are really happy about that. But there are very few who are making comments, and we are very sad about that. So I guess it is about time to talk about what a blog is and how it best functions as folks like you interact with it by posting your comments in response to what is posted.


Push here,For all the world to see!

The blog (short for web-log), started out probably as an on-line journal for folks that were already experienced with recording their thoughts and activities on a regular basis. Then it became inter-active, that is it allowed for others to talk back with their responses to what you posted in your on-line diary. Well, then it began to evolve quickly along with the technology or “platforms” that supported the blogs. Not only could you have diary entries but you could add pictures or videos and links to other sites that you had gleaned something from, etc. The blogs became very personal, the most popular ones were those that had a definite purpose behind them, the main reason the person was taking the time to blog. It was limited only by one’s imagination.

The blog is not the same as Facebook. For one thing, on Facebook only your friends, those who you have accepted into your Facebook community can read your posts; the blog can be seen by the whole world and this has gotten people into all kinds of trouble- some have been fired from their jobs, some have gotten into trouble with their governments. You should take the time to read something about the history of the blog, such as the link I just added to the words “history of the blog”, go ahead click on it and read as much as you like, then come back. A blog like the Friends of Paint Link, has all kinds of links, usually highlighted in blue that will take you to more information about Friends and those who volunteer here as well as our larger Garrard County and Madison County context. The more you learn about how the blog works the more you will enjoy the ones that you choose to follow. We can and do promote oneanother’s blogs. Usually those or added on what’s called a “blog-roll” at the side.

It wasn’t long before the commercial people realized what a terrific tool blogging could be for them. I have one of the best books written for business people, in 2006, called “Naked Conversations”. No it’s not about pornography, though there is that kind of person blogging as well. It was written to show how already blogs were changing the way “buisnesses talk with their customers”. The company web page couldn’t do that- it was only one way communication and how many times have you wished you could talk to a real live person? The usefulness of the blog for business applications is only going to increase.

“Whatever happened to honesty in business? That’s what your clients and customers are asking, even if your company’s integrity is above reproach. Because, for decades, corporations have talked at their customers and called it communication. Now comes the blog- and an opportunity for your company to talk with customers and let them talk back. Using more than fifty interviews with people at all levels in all types of businesses, these experts demonstrate in a fresh and thought-provoking way how blogs can repair corporate image and rebuild lost trust. And they show you how to do it right.” (Naked Conversations, Robert Scoble/ Shel Israel)

You can imagine, once the business world got wind of what the blog could do for them, the resources poured into the blogging firms and their technologies. Our blog is on the WordPress server, and WordPress is owned by a publishing firm. They have found the blogging world a natural place to find the next budding author as well as popular ideas for what folks are reading and interested in. Well, I hope this has been more than a little informative for all the Friends of Paint Lick. Once you catch the vision of what a blog can do for say a church, or a social organization with a specific agenda, well you will get excited and want to get involved. We want you to be involved at Friends and with us here on the blog.

To comment on anything you find here, either contributing additional content or telling us your personal thought about the subject, just add a note where it says ‘comment’- you’ll have to add some identifying tag, such as your e-mail/ or your own web page if you have one or can legally use the one where you work. Add your own memories, ideas, or opinions, after-all, you have some that nobody else has and doesn’t even know exist until you put them down on paper (I mean the computer). You’re welcome to ask questions- we have some smart people around here and they may be able to find an answer or two for you.

So go ahead and comment.


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  1. diana morris Says:

    There are also some great articles on Inc.’s website about blogs, blogging, etc. – that are very informative:

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