A real treasure in Paint Lick

A Transplanted Bodger from Wales


All our friends are special here in Paint Lick. One of my favorite transplants- those “not from around here”, has to be Don Weber. Don is always ready to help out around the Friends of Paint Lick and in the village at large. He is a highly skilled craftsman in a specialized area of wood working and he uses his skills not only to make beautiful furniture, but in promoting the old crafts to the younger generation.

From his web-site, he tells us about this passion.

“I spend a great deal of my time in the mountains tracking down Appalachian craftsmen and working in the schools to keep these traditions alive. Using traditional technology as an “appropriate technology,” I also work in developing countries and economically depressed areas, setting up projects using local materials and talent to create cottage industries with other craftsmen and women, in an ecologically and environmentally-friendly manner.”

Go on over to the Handcraft Woodworks and get to know Don and see some of his work in the Gallery.

There is a PBS special Craft in America that you might want to take a look at after seeing Don’s work. It will help you to realize how privileged we are to have Don in Paint Lick.


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2 Responses to “A real treasure in Paint Lick”

  1. Loraine Says:

    It is such a joy to have Don in our village. If we need a helping hand to lug something, we can call on him; if we need a little something like a shelf, he’ll make us a beauty. We are truly privileged to have this very talented man in our village

  2. Toddy2 Says:

    2012 Update- last night at Paint Lick’s new Arts Center, we got to learn a lot more about the Webers: “An evening with the Webers” was a wonderful & personal time of listening to Don & Beth’s story that led them to the Paint Lick-Berea area. Thanks for the privilege of hearing about your life journeys-we will add that to the treasure of our Village.

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