Our Friend the Doctor

Paint Lick Doc

Dr. John Belanger in front of Friends

When Dean Cornett met John Belanger she knew God had answered her prayers; her dream of many years was about to become reality in the Village of Paint Lick. Dean had worked in social work for many years and of all the challenges that folks had none was greater than the health issue.

Yet the health issue, especially the access to the medical community seemed a major barrier for most of the folks Dean worked among. She dreamed of having a local doctor and clinic that would be much more like the family doctors of the past. Like the ones who had played such a vital role in the history of the community called Paint Lick. She recognized in John Belanger a fellow dreamer, and the more she got to know him, turns out they had the same dream.

Dr. John received a distinguished award this year and his work at Paint Lick has received recognition from far and near. Ted Cox has a very good article in this week’s Central Record that you can read at this link.

For those of you out of the area this will serve as an introduction to one of Dean’s most satisfying projects: bringing loving, affordable, and quality care to the folks she loved and served so long. This is one way to reform healthcare, and Dean and Doctor John were “all over it”.

So, from all of your patients, congratulations Dr.John and thank you for supplying the fulfillment of Dean Cornetts dream and bringing the best of heathcare back to the Paint Lick community. Our heartfelt thanks to all the team at Paint Lick Clinic.


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2 Responses to “Our Friend the Doctor”

  1. Hal and Yvonne Davis Says:

    Wouldn’t the empty bank building (as of September 1) be a wonderful location for a “Dean Cornett” Community Arts Center!!
    A place where artists of all kinds living in the Paint Lick area could display and share their work. Maybe even give workshops. From a recent visitor to Paint Lick and Friends of Paint Lick, Inc.
    The “possibilities are endless”!! i.e. grants, Kentucky Arts Council, bank building owners’ contribution, destination. Interns from Berea College and Centre College, etc. PRESS ON REGARDLESS!!

    • Toddy2 Says:

      Hal & Yvonne-

      It is “first time” visitors to our village like yourselves that makes us light up here at Friends. Thank you so much for taking time to stop & bless us w/ your friendship & interest. We love the cds of Yvonne playing the piano. We hope to find a way to share them with others.

      Your suggestion is a great idea- we’ll take it to the Board meeting tonite and see about the possibilities of doing something about it. Keep in touch and we hope you’ll consider visiting us again when you are in KY.

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