Meet two faithful volunteers

By Katie Rollins

Longtime Residents and Faithful Volunteers.
 Ruth Lamb Denny is my neighbor of more than thirty years in the Lowell area of Paint Lick Ky. She and her husband Ballard Jr. live within hollering distance of my home. Ruth became a volunteer at Friends of Paint Lick long before she knew she was such and I’ll estimate that time at just around fifteen years or so. Bringing in good smelling food and delicacies that made me ashamed to say I could cook, Ruth was always way ahead of everyone when it came time to feeding the crew at ‘the building’…. and my gosh! could she cook! Ruth’s homeade cornbread salad was always a hit and her soup beans in a quart mason jar with a chunk of onion and squares of baked cornbread were just more than we could take in. Really, more food that I can talk about here, was brought in by the handfuls.   FOPL09RuthDennygrgranddau
 We all love Ruth here at Friends and miss her when she don’t get to stop by but she knows that, already. This photo was taken of Ruth at The Friends of Paint Lick with her great granddaughter Melanie Durham lying across her lap. Melanie is probably all of two months old here and is the proud first daughter of Mike and Jodie Durham and the granddaughter of Joe and Debbie Denny who all live on The Old Railroad Grade, just a little over a mile from Friends.

Bertha McQuerry also of The Old Railroad lives just down the road from me a little over a mile. I cannot really recall how long Bertha has been with us here at Friends but she’s usually waiting whenever we open the door and it’s not unusual to find her with a sack of big red tomatoes from the garden that she still tends down over the hill at her house and a big garden it is. too. Bertha saved seeds for me this past year for the Mr. Stripey Tomato and come time for planting, I was giving plants away. She loves our long adventurous road trips to the outreach centers for overloads of clothing. Bertha is always willing to help others, especially her friends at The Senior Citizens Center of Lancaster She is one very busy lady and we all love her at Friends.
So you see, while our volunteers are working, they’re also eating and always happy when visitors drop in, especially the young ones. 
Bertha holding Helena Stauffer Todd

Bertha holding Helena Stauffer Todd


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