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Our Friend the Doctor

September 28, 2009
Paint Lick Doc

Dr. John Belanger in front of Friends

When Dean Cornett met John Belanger she knew God had answered her prayers; her dream of many years was about to become reality in the Village of Paint Lick. Dean had worked in social work for many years and of all the challenges that folks had none was greater than the health issue.

Yet the health issue, especially the access to the medical community seemed a major barrier for most of the folks Dean worked among. She dreamed of having a local doctor and clinic that would be much more like the family doctors of the past. Like the ones who had played such a vital role in the history of the community called Paint Lick. She recognized in John Belanger a fellow dreamer, and the more she got to know him, turns out they had the same dream.

Dr. John received a distinguished award this year and his work at Paint Lick has received recognition from far and near. Ted Cox has a very good article in this week’s Central Record that you can read at this link.

For those of you out of the area this will serve as an introduction to one of Dean’s most satisfying projects: bringing loving, affordable, and quality care to the folks she loved and served so long. This is one way to reform healthcare, and Dean and Doctor John were “all over it”.

So, from all of your patients, congratulations Dr.John and thank you for supplying the fulfillment of Dean Cornetts dream and bringing the best of heathcare back to the Paint Lick community. Our heartfelt thanks to all the team at Paint Lick Clinic.


Meet two faithful volunteers

September 22, 2009

By Katie Rollins

Longtime Residents and Faithful Volunteers.
 Ruth Lamb Denny is my neighbor of more than thirty years in the Lowell area of Paint Lick Ky. She and her husband Ballard Jr. live within hollering distance of my home. Ruth became a volunteer at Friends of Paint Lick long before she knew she was such and I’ll estimate that time at just around fifteen years or so. Bringing in good smelling food and delicacies that made me ashamed to say I could cook, Ruth was always way ahead of everyone when it came time to feeding the crew at ‘the building’…. and my gosh! could she cook! Ruth’s homeade cornbread salad was always a hit and her soup beans in a quart mason jar with a chunk of onion and squares of baked cornbread were just more than we could take in. Really, more food that I can talk about here, was brought in by the handfuls.   FOPL09RuthDennygrgranddau
 We all love Ruth here at Friends and miss her when she don’t get to stop by but she knows that, already. This photo was taken of Ruth at The Friends of Paint Lick with her great granddaughter Melanie Durham lying across her lap. Melanie is probably all of two months old here and is the proud first daughter of Mike and Jodie Durham and the granddaughter of Joe and Debbie Denny who all live on The Old Railroad Grade, just a little over a mile from Friends.

Bertha McQuerry also of The Old Railroad lives just down the road from me a little over a mile. I cannot really recall how long Bertha has been with us here at Friends but she’s usually waiting whenever we open the door and it’s not unusual to find her with a sack of big red tomatoes from the garden that she still tends down over the hill at her house and a big garden it is. too. Bertha saved seeds for me this past year for the Mr. Stripey Tomato and come time for planting, I was giving plants away. She loves our long adventurous road trips to the outreach centers for overloads of clothing. Bertha is always willing to help others, especially her friends at The Senior Citizens Center of Lancaster She is one very busy lady and we all love her at Friends.
So you see, while our volunteers are working, they’re also eating and always happy when visitors drop in, especially the young ones. 
Bertha holding Helena Stauffer Todd

Bertha holding Helena Stauffer Todd

Turkey Calling Contest

September 20, 2009
Deborah Messenger of Paint Lick Sportsman Club w/ Champion

Deborah Messenger of Paint Lick Sportsman Club w/ Champion and runners-up

Congratulations to Deborah Messenger and the Paint Lick Sportsmans Club for the 1st Annual Turkey Calling Contest, held in Lancaster, September 12th. Mark Hurte is shown with the winners, but you will have to read the story to see who the Champion was (in case you didn’t attend). Go here to read full story on Sportsmans Club blog.

Our First Visitors

September 19, 2009

From A Blog about Painting

Lightening licking by Blissbait
Lightning lickers by Blissbait

During our first week of blogging, we have had a number of visitors. Most have been from the Richmond-Berea-Lancaster area, but some have been from the larger cyber space and we don’t really know where they are. But one of our visitors left a comment which allowed us in turn to check out his blog which features his artwork.

But all are most welcome here!
The best day was in the beginning with 60 hits. Linda laughed and said it was probably due to the multiple times of showing others at Friends who don’t have computers what we’ve “gone and done”. There is an average of 25 per day and that will probably increase as we get more posts up with multiple themes that folks are interested in. Those who have articles to contribute please let us know. The more friends that you tell about the site and recommend as a bookmark, the more it will help us to develop a site we can all be proud of as we tell the world about our Village of Paint Lick and its people.
And , “if you wouldn’t care to ” leave a comment on any of the posts, it will let us know you stopped by for a visit and give us an idea of who is following the blog. Of course if you want to start a “conversation” with your comment, feel free to express yourself. We only ask for you to remember what blog you’re on- FRIENDS- and be civil and polite to all. 

Are You on Facebook?

September 17, 2009

Friends of Paint Lick now has a page on Facebook.

One More way to stay in touch with FRIENDS

One More way to stay in touch with FRIENDS

If you have a Facebook account, click on the picture and check out the New Friends of Paint Lick page. Become a “fan” and start a conversation about our little village.

Loraine Todd of Friends is responsible for this latest project. She started it after noticing some visits to our Blog from Facebook accounts. So don’t be bashful, please come forward and show Loraine you are a big FAN of Friends. 

It takes a Village

September 16, 2009
Our Village is a beautiful mosaic

Our Village is a beautiful mosaic


The Village of Paint Lick is made up of all kinds of diverse and talented folks. And the Friends of Paint Lick reflects this diverse contribution in just about everything that gets done around here. It is like the mosaic of an artist that depends on each individual contribution to the design that is literally taking shape before his eyes. Piece by piece it goes together to form a work of art and beauty.

A lot of diverse pieces come together in the work that makes our village of Paint Lick what it is becoming and that certainly includes the precious pieces that have now moved on to the heavenly village. Likewise a number of folks-all volunteers, are working together to contribute to a dream, a pattern, or design, that makes Friends of Paint Link, Inc., what it is today. Most of these “pieces” and their contribution go all but unnamed and that’s just the way they like it. But on this topic, one of the things we desire to do is mention as many as we can in addition to the members of the Board of Directors, that hold us accountable to our charitable charter, and those that regularly staff the weekly routine at the building. 

For starters why not mention a man that has helped behind the scenes in a number of ways and is always there when you need him. Bob Baker, who lives in the area (40461 zip), took on several projects when we were remodeling our building including building the book shelves in the library (a future post). Bob also helps us with the computers from time to time. He is one of those diverse individual pieces that has contributed to the whole and we are very grateful. Even now he is plugging the new blog over on his Landscaping business– B&B Landscape and Designs.

There are many others like Bob, and without seeming to “plug” any local businesses, we hope it won’t be out of line to mention them by name on this blog. If you will go to the link at B&B, you’ll see Friends listed under “Favorite links” as well as some of our Paint Lick neighbors. And if you think your piece is not needed and wanted in making our Village strong and vibrant for the new millenium, think again. The rest of us need you and your contribution.

Grassroots Reform

September 14, 2009
While the nation’s lawmakers continue in their highly partisan debates over much needed reforms such as healthcare, brave-hearts down here on the grassroots of America are quietly going about their efforts to care for those suffering the most in the economic downturn. Did you know that Paint Lick has its own Food Bank? Do you know where to send folks who are needing help with this necessity of life? Joe Brown who serves on the Board of Directors for Friends of Paint Lick as Treasurer, also works with the ANGEL FOOD BANK ministry in Paint Lick. Joe partcipates in several regional events such as

Bera College Bowls Event-Photographs courtesy of CELTS
Bera College Bowls Event-Photographs courtesy of CELTS

 “Empty Bowls” project that enjoys contributions from the larger Madison County area as well as those welcome donations from the Paint Lick area.

Empty Bowl Event at Berea College-
Students, faculty, and staff from a multitude of campus departments gathered to enjoy a variety of soups made by Berea students, as well as three inspiring musical performances. With a donation of ten dollars, students selected their own locally crafted ceramic bowl and dined from an assortment of homemade soups. Most of the bowls were crafted by students in the Ceramic Apprenticeship Program at the college.

Musical performers included Breon Thomas, Sam Rosalina and Joshua Slaton, Mark “Dice City” Butler and Marcus “O-BliQ” Leslie. Speakers were food bank representatives Diana Messer of Crab Orchard Resource Center, Joe Brown of ANGEL Food Bank, and Jerry Workman of Berea Community Food Bank. The representatives discussed the history and initiative of Berea’s Empty Bowls Project, which began in 2004. Raffle prizes were distributed after the speakers and performers, as well as prizes for the student chefs of exceptional soup medleys. (READ MORE )(from “Feast of Empty Bowls”)

Friends of Paint Lick partners with Angel Food Bank and many other individuals and projects to promote friends-caring-for-friends in our own community. In doing what we can we join countless others in almost every grass roots part of America continuing the proud tradition of our parents and grand-parents. Once again we say “thank you Dean” for being the spark that showed us how our generation could “keep the wheel rolling”.

Countdown to VillageFest ’09

September 11, 2009


Craft booth in Friends parking-lot

Craft booth in Friends parking-lot

by Linda Caldwell



2003 Village Fest craft booth

2003 Village Fest craft booth

Honey bee 'stand'

Honey bee 'stand'


The village of Paint Lick has two main festivals a year: VillageFest in the fall and Christmas in the Village in early December. During the Fall festival, previously held on Main Street with booths, displays, animals, working craftsmen, other activities as well as food, there are lots of opportunities for local artists to display and sell their products. Throughout the day, tickets can be purchased for drawings on items donated by local businesses and special baskets made especially for the festival. The drawing, always an exciting time with lots of catcalls and applause, takes place near the end of the festival and winners do not need to be present to get their prize. Music is offered by a variety of local talent and usually there’s an open mike at some point in the day.

Several years ago, the activities moved to the Sportman’s Club grounds which provides plenty of space and secure walking while some booths continue on Main Street. Our wonderful restaurant usually provided an early country breakfast and wonderful lunch menu which will really be missed this year due to the fire.

Activities should be up and running by 10 AM. There will be no rental fee this year for booths. We are planning for entertainment all day. There will be fun activities for children again this year.

Friends of Paint Lick volunteers and board members will be selling soup beans, cornbread, desserts and soft drinks inside the Sportman’s Club where you can also see all the items for the auction and buy tickets and place them in the ticket container of the item “you must have”.

The Paint Lick Sportsman’s Club will have their annual Fish Fry from 4:00 until 5:30. Tickets for the fish fry will be for sale in advance ($5.00) at First Southern National Bank and Copperhead Consultants in Paint Lick. Tickets will be $6.50 at the door. The menu includes all-you-eat fried perch, hush puppies, a side, PLSC’s famous slaw, dessert and a drink.

So, come early and wear yourself out looking, walking, talking and buying (maybe do some haggling over prices) and stay for an early supper at the fish fry. Either way you’ll have a fun day.



The Carpenters Wheel at Friends

September 11, 2009
The Quilt Greeting on Friends Building

The Quilt Greeting on Friends Building

As you enter the village of Paint Lick from Madison county, crossing the famous Paint Lick Creek, you can’t help but notice one of our most recent projects. It’s part of what is called “The Quilt Trail” and it is a fitting symbol for the Friends of Paint Lick blog. We are grateful to all those that made this a reality-from the first dream stage to the final mounting by some very brave men.

For those interested in the story of how this project all came together and just how many friends of Paint Lick were involved see this article that Ike Adams wrote last year for The Appalachian Connection (a .pdf scroll down to page 6). Ike does a good job of tying the pattern chosen to Dean Cornett and local history.

You may not realize this ties our little Village to a new national event known as the Heritage Corridor Quilt Trail. (explore the other quilts in Garrard County)

“We all have to push to keep the wheel rolling!” – Dean Cornett

Paint Lick:Don’t count us out!

September 9, 2009

After the Fire what?

So you’ve heard about the fire we had the other night in downtown Paint Lick? Saw it on the Lexington news, huh? Well it really has created a lot of interest around here too. Seems we just take things for granted when all of a sudden we wake up one day and its all gone.

KY52 Bridge entering the village. Friends building on left.

KY52 Bridge entering the village. Friends building on left.

Rather going on about the community’s loss of one of the centers of social life and the largest employer in town (6) and about our concern for those who owned and operated the restaurant, I thought we would high-light the spirit of mutual concern and sense of feeling drawn together to face the future in hope.

That’s what true friends do. And we found just the article from the Lexington Herald in May of 2006, that will get us started-if y’all will just go over there and read it.

Looking north, fire was in the 1st building beyond fire station w/red doors

Looking north, fire was in the 1st building beyond fire station w/red doors

Don’t Count Paint Lick out 

 (Lexington Herald)- photo by Gerald Tudor

Meanwhile you can be sure that the Friends of Paint Lick will all be pitchin in and doing everything we can to help everyone who needs a little TLC and maybe even fix a little extra coffee.